SenseRadiation Pty Ltd provides electromagnetic radiation risk assessment and prediction services for safe living and work environment. We use world class measuring equipment and offer the highest quality technical expertise and provide comprehensive and easy to understand reports based on our practical experience and research conducted at work places and private homes in Australia and overseas.

* EMR Assessment

* EMR Measurement

* Electromagnetic Radiation Testing

* Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

* Occupational health and safety (OH&S) Assessment

* EMR Awareness Training

* Compliance Testing

* EMR in Australia

* EMR Risk Assessment


SenseRadiation Pty Ltd has comprehensive experience and expertise in providing electromagnetic radiation (EMR) risk assessment and prediction services to community, industry and the government including councils using top of the range high quality measuring equipment and based on 10 years of leading edge published research conducted by the SenseRadiation consultant holding PhD in Electrical Engineering.

To sustain our physical and psychological health within the limits of this modern wireless revolution, we must make wise and informed choices regarding where we live and work. Since radio frequency radiation is invisible, we need to measure to be able to understand the exposure levels. SenseRadiation Pty Ltd will provide the service of measuring and identifying the effects of non-ionising radiation; low frequency as well as high frequency electromagnetic fields by using residential exposure measurements and scientific analysis to quantify exposure-risk to the residents and employees.

SenseRadiation Pty Ltd helps to provide electromagnetic radiation safety in living and work environment.

Where we are

SenseRadiation Pty Ltd based in Melbourne and operates throughout Australia and internationally.