Places where people spend most of the time including Wi-Fi Internet, cordless phones, computers, hair dryer, electric blanket, clock radio, microwave ovens, wiring, smart meter boxes, conductive water pipes, house-hold appliances, baby monitors
Cash registers, scanners, Wi-Fi internet, cordless phones, smart meter boxes, computers, printers, photocopiers and other office equipment, mobile phone antennas on rooftops and neighbouring phone broadcast towers
Electric power transmission lines, distribution lines, substations, generators, transformers, frequency converters, power meters and data loggers
Radio frequency plastic welding machines, induction heaters, RF dielectric heaters and sealers, Microwave dryers, RF wood glue dryers, industrial microwave ovens, AC drives, DC drivers and lifts
Transport/ electric vehicles
Electric trams/trains, tram/train power liens, power infrastructure, tram/train traction substations, electric and hybrid cars
Mobile/TV/Radio Communication
Mobile phone base station, radio and TV broadcasting towers, radio/TV broadcasting apparatus, exchange, telephone switching apparatus, data, voice and video equipments, fibre optic systems, Walkie-talkie, pagers, VHF, UHF and microwave bearers, mobile phone and cordless telephone
Radar Communication
Marine Ship Transmitters, sonar, radar, aircraft carriers and submarines, Long-range radar antenna, marine radars, communication switching and data processing computers
Medical Areas
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, ECG machines, ultrasound machines, CATscan, patient monitoring apparatus

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